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About Us

We at Settlers Spirits have long been close friends with gin! As passionate drinkers of gin, we made the shift to makers of gin in 2015. Why the name Settlers Spirits? Free Settlers arrived in South Australia by sea from the UK to take up land grants in 1836. They bought with them (we surmise) a love of gin! In support of this we note these surprising and delightful gin facts – Gin is English, not Dutch. By 1726, London had 1500 working stills and there were 6287 places where you could buy gin. While British sailors received a daily rum ration, British naval officers got a daily ration of gin. Lucky devils.

Gin must be made from alcohol of agricultural origin - usually grains. We’ve chosen grape spirit made from grapes grown on our property. Why grape spirit as the base for our gin? We think it has a wonderfully soft mouth feel and produces gins with lovely aromatics, and clean bright flavours with great length and clarity.

With regard to botanicals, in addition to a noticeable amount of juniper there’s scope for experimentation. Expect anything from lemon myrtle, saltbush (sourced from the Coorong), honey (from Adelaide Hills) to Earl Grey Tea, fresh raspberries, rose petals, ginger, coriander, liquorice root, with dozens of possible botanicals in between.

Our distillery is a creative hub for artisan spirits – nine gins (and still counting!), a vodka & goji berry, liqueurs and a Whiskey destined for release in 2018.



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