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Gin Vs. Sloe Gin – What’s The Difference?

October 09, 2018

sloe gin

No longer just your Grandma’s go-to tipple, gin is having a worldwide renaissance with it gaining on vodka as Australia’s white spirit of choice. No longer do you have to risk all manner of diseases sipping on bathtub gin, but you can satisfy many cravings with the abundance creative flavours on the market.

Settlers Gin itself has ten of its own unique flavour offerings, ensuring you have a gin to suit all occasions. Further distinguishing its gin from other contemporary gins, Settlers makes its gin from a grape based spirit instead of the traditional grain spirit.

So What Is Sloe Gin?

More commonly thought of as a liqueur rather than a gin due to its sweetness, Sloe Gin is made from ripe sloe drupes which are a small fruit closely related to the plum. Each sloe berry is pricked and then added to a wide necked jar alongside sugar and gin. The jar is then sealed, mixed together and stored in a cool, dark place. The jar is turned regularly until three months have passed and after this time the gin starts to show a deep ruby red colour.

The sweetness and flavouring can be adjusted at the end of the process depending on the makers taste. Given sufficient amounts of time to steep, the alcohol will infuse an almond like essence from the sloes stones. Sloe Gin tends to have a lower alcohol content than traditional gin of 15 and 30 percent by volume. The Settlers Sloe Gin is pleasantly tart with attractive juniper and herbal notes, but is a proper gin with an alcohol content of 43 ABV.

Differences between Gin and Sloe Gin

Gin is most commonly distilled from a grain spirit or grape spirit and is clear in colour, while sloe gin has deep ruby red tones. Of course due to the many unique gins being manufactured, you can buy regular gin with all manner of flavours and colourings. Here are the main differences between gin and sloe gin;

  • Sloe gin can be classified as a liqueur and gin is a spirit
  • Gin is originally transparent and sloe gin is red
  • The main ingredient of sloe gin is the sloe berry and gin is derived from the juniper berry
  • Sloe gin can have a lower alcohol content than gin
  • Gin is less sweet than sloe gin
  • Gin is made from traditional distillation processes while sloe gin is made from mixing sugar and sloe berries and steeping in gin.